A Cat Was Involved


Reviewer: Jessie
Date: 8/28/13
Book: A Cat Was Involved – A Chet & Bernie novel
Author: Spencer Quinn
Genre: Mystery/Detective
ISBN: B0078XG22M

“A Cat Was Involved” is the fifth in the Chet and Bernie series, and is a novella. This novella tells the story of how Chet and Bernie came to be working together. Prior to this book, we just had bits and pieces of the story, but now we know the whole truth. Chet is a K9 school flunk-out and Bernie is a down-on-his-luck private investigator. Together, they solve the mystery of a stolen car that had the owner’s cat in the back seat at the time of the theft.

I love Chet and Bernie! This is a great series, told from Chet’s point of view. This novella is no exception – it may be short, but it’s thoroughly entertaining. Chet’s priorities are so purely self-interested that it’s a refreshing change from the angst of the hard-boiled, introspective detective. Food and fun – that’s what it’s all about!

I highly recommend “A Cat Was Involved,” as well as any of the books in the Chet and Bernie series. They’re fun and lighthearted, but there’s still a serious aspect to them.


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Plot: Star-5

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