Dirty Little Secrets


Reviewer: Lori
Date: July 23, 2013
Book: Dirty Little Secrets
Author: Liliana Hart
Genre: Romantic Mystery
ISBN: B005FA749A


In this romantic mystery, J.J. Graves, a fourth generation mortician who is also the coronor teams up with her best friend, the town sheriff to solve a mystery. At one point or another, it seems everyone is a suspect, including the man J.J. is dating, one of J.J.’s best friends, and even the sheriff himself.

I’m a big fan of the J.J. Graves series.  It was a tad hard to get into at first, because I think the main character, JJ doesn’t grab you right away. By book two, I really liked her and was pretty hooked. I think it’s worth putting up with her quirks on the beginning.

The one thing I didn’t like in this book was that there were no clues as to who the killer was. I was pretty blindsided. I prefer to be able to guess the killer’s identity based on clues along the way and I was either totally dense this time or there weren’t any.

I do love Liliana Hart, though, and went on to read book two, which was even better than book one, but do read them in order! I can’t wait for the third book to come out.

If you’re a fan of the Fatal Series by Marie Force, I think you’ll like this book. The two series were similar in many ways.


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Readability: Star-4


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