The Newcomer


Reviewer: Lori
Date: July 7, 2013
Book: The Newcomer
Author: Robyn Carr
Genre: Romance


This is the second in the Thunder Point Series by Robynn Carr, a small town romance series with loveable characters and a feeling of belonging to a community. In this book, people get some updates on the maincouple from book one (Hank Cooper and Sarah Dupre from The Wanderer) and see the development of Gina and Mac, a romance that actually began as a side story in book one.

Overall, I liked this book. I like the small own feel and the characters are fun. I always love the feeling of returning to a place where I know the people and getting updates on everyone’s lives.

The biggest issue I had with this book was that it really seemed to be about two romances, not just one. It was as much about Sarah and Cooper as it was about Gina and Mac and there was even a little side thing starting with two of the teenagers in the book. I’ll definitely keep reading the series but if readers are bothered by a lot of jumping around in a book instead of a heavy focus on one couple with a few hints at side relationships, this book may bug you.

I also found it a bit annoying that Sarah held out on sharing information with Cooper for so long. I wanted to strangel her throughout the entire book.

The character of Cee-Jay was great – you’ll love to hate her!

But, all-in-all, Roby Carr did what she does best. She wove a small community of loveable characters that you just want to revisit whenever you can. I would recommend this to anyone who likes small town romance novels!


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