Staying at Joe’s by Kathy Altman

Reviewer: Lori Ryan
Date: March 21, 2014
Book: Saying at Joe's
Author: Kathy Altman
Genre: Romance

I loved, loved, loved this book! There’s a feeling of coming home that I get when I read a new book in a favorite small town series. With Staying at Joe’s, I got that feeling within the first few pages, despite the fact that I hadn’t even read the first book in the series (I did go back and read that one and loved it, too! The Other Soldier, Book One in the Castle Creek Series, is an equally good read.).

I’m not typically a fan of books with uber-faulty heroes and heroines, but with this book Kathy Altman pulls it off. It was just enough, without overwhelming the story and your heart breaks for the characters each time they make a mistake. Which they do. A lot.

The chemistry between the characters was wonderful, the love scenes were steamy and sexy, and the side characters are perfectly developed. I can’t wait for more to this series.

If I had to choose one point of criticism (and it isn’t easy), I would say that Marcus’s character had the feel of an arson/fire bug early on, but as he developed you realize that’s not really the case. I think it would have been a bit cleaner if that earlier stuff hadn’t tipped the reader that way. You can see I’m really reaching for criticism here, right?

Want to fall in love with your next small town? Go spend some time in Castle Creek with The Other Soldier and Staying at Joe’s. You’ll be glad you did!


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