Lost Library by Kate Baray

Lost Library by debuting author Kate Baray is a charming Urban Fantasy with a smattering of romance. Fantasy of any kind is not my normal genre – I’m mostly an action adventure/mystery type. However, There’s plenty of action in this book, and also a fair amount of mystery. When my friend first asked me to read this book I was quite skeptical. The idea of a dark and brooding world with fantastical creatures just doesn’t flip my skirt. However, Lost Library has a light-hearted tone and Baray has a real knack for taking a potentially serious situation and infusing it with humor. Being an action adventure junky, I need a fast-paced read that keeps my interest. Lost Library definitely fulfilled this need and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I definitely think Baray is someone to keep an eye on, and I’m giving this book a solid 5 stars!

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