Reviews by Author

Altman, Kathy
     Staying at Joe's

Aranio, Antonio
     Murder Watch Part I

Black, Shayla & Blake, Lexi
     Their Virgin Hostage (book 5)

Carr, Robyn
     The Newcomer (book 2)

Carriger, Gail

Child, Lee
     Killing Floor (book 1)
     Echo Burning (book 5)

Choi, Owen
     Tendrils of Life

Crais, Robert

Denby, Megan
     A Thistle in the Mist

Hart, Liliana
     Dirty Little Secrets

Marie, Bernadette
    The Executive's Decision

Marias, Javier
     The Infatuations

Michaels, Donna
     Her Unbridled Cowboy

Quinn, Spencer
     A Cat Was Involved

Patterson, James
     Guilty Wives

Stabenow, Dana
     Restless in the Grave

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