Contemporary Romance




Reviewer: Lori
Book: The Executive's Decision (The Keller Family Series, Book One)
Author: Marie Bernadette
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: Star-4

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I have gone on to read the rest of the Keller Family Series. It’s one of those series where you want to keep revisiting the characters and the family because you fall for all of them.

I loved the characters in this story – Zach and Regan had me hooked and wanting to know what was going to happen. The plot kept moving forward and was well paced and I liked all of the side characters. John Forrester was great! more


Unbridled Cowboy

Reviewer: Lori
Book: Her Unbridaled Cowboy
Author: Donna Michaels
Genre: Romance
Rating: Star-3

Synopsis: In the second book of a series, Kerri Masters comes home to Texas after her home and restaurant in California are destroyed by an earthquake. She agrees to stay with her sister temporarily to start up a restaurant but gets tangled up with an old family friend, Conner McCoy. With Kerri in a hurry to get back to the city after she sets up the restaurant with her sister and Conner gun shy over city girls after losing three fiancees whom he considered city girls, the two struggle to find a connection but somehow can’t seem to stay apart. more



Reviewer: Lori
Book: The Newcomer
Author: Robyn Carr
Genre: Romance

This is the second in the Thunder Point Series by Robynn Carr, a small town romance series with loveable characters and a feeling of belonging to a community. In this book, people get some updates on the maincouple from book one (Hank Cooper and Sarah Dupre from The Wanderer) and see the development of Gina and Mac, a romance that actually began as a side story in book one. more


Reviewer: Lori Ryan
Book: Saying at Joe's
Author: Kathy Altman
Genre: Romance

I loved, loved, loved this book! There’s a feeling of coming home that I get when I read a new book in a favorite small town series. With Staying at Joe’s, I got that feeling within the first few pages, despite the fact that I hadn’t even read the first book in the series (I did go back and read that one and loved it, too! The Other Soldier, Book One in the Castle Creek Series, is an equally good read.). more







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