3 Stars



Unbridled Cowboy

Reviewer: Lori
Book: Her Unbridaled Cowboy
Author: Donna Michaels
Genre: Romance

Synopsis: In the second book of a series, Kerri Masters comes home to Texas after her home and restaurant in California are destroyed by an earthquake. She agrees to stay with her sister temporarily to start up a restaurant but gets tangled up with an old family friend, Conner McCoy. With Kerri in a hurry to get back to the city after she sets up the restaurant with her sister and Conner gun shy over city girls after losing three fiancees whom he considered city girls, the two struggle to find a connection but somehow can’t seem to stay apart. more



Reviewer: Jessie
Book: Tendrils of Life
Author: Owen Choi
Genre: Literature


Tendrils of Life is the story of a young man – a boy, really – who struggles to survive during the Korean War. It starts before the war when Jimin lives on an island called Ockdo with his mother and his younger sister. When Jimin is 11, his absent father returns to the island and takes his family to Seoul; then immediately disappears again, leaving them to fend for themselves. We learn that this is the father’s habit and Jimin has little respect for or reliance on his father. more






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