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Reviewer: Jessie
Book: A Cat Was Involved – A Chet & Bernie novel
Author: Spencer Quinn
Genre: Mystery/Detective
Rating: Star-5

“A Cat Was Involved” is the fifth in the Chet and Bernie series, and is a novella. This novella tells the story of how Chet and Bernie came to be working together. Prior to this book, we just had bits and pieces of the story, but now we know the whole truth. more



Reviewer: Jessie
Book: Echo Burning
Author: Lee Child
Genre: Mystery/Adventure

Echo Burning is the 5th novel in the Jack Reacher series. In this book he’s hitchiking in West Texas and is picked up by a beautiful Latino woman with a big problem. Her abusive husband is about to get out of jail and she’s looking for someone to help her – i.e., kill her husband. Carmen lives on her husband’s family’s ranch more



Reviewer: Jessie
Book: Guilty Wives
Author: James Patterson & David Ellis
Genre: Mystery/Adventure

Four married friends with unhappy marriages go on a girls weekend to Monte Carlo.  They go a bit wild, spend the first night on a luxurous yacht with several men and the next morning are arrested for a murder they did not commit! more



Reviewer: Jessie
Book: Killing Floor
Author: Lee Child
Genre: Action Adventure

Killing Floor is the first in the Jack Reacher novels. Reacher has wandered into a small, southern town and is minding his own business eating breakfast when he’s arrested for murder. The Chief of Police, Chief Morrison, is a stereotypical southern cop – fat and obnoxious. The Chief of Detectives, Detective Finlay, appears to be an ok police officer – of course he’s a new guy from the northeast. more



Reviewer: Jessie
Book: Restless in the Grave
Author: Dana Stabenow
Genre: Mystery

Restless in the Grave is the 19th book in the Kate Shugack series. Shugack is an Alaskan Aleut woman living on her homestead in “The Park,” which is somewhere between Anchorage, Fairbanks and Glenallen in south central Alaska. Kate wears many hats, including President of her native corporation, from which she resigns at the beginning of this book. But, by far her favorite hat is that of private investigator. In this novel, Kate is asked by Liam Campbell, Newenham Alaska State Trooper Sergeant, to look into an airplane death that he suspects is murder. When Kate asks him why he doesn’t handle it himself, he informs her that his wife is one of the main suspects. more


Reviewer: Lori Ryan
Book: Saying at Joe's
Author: Kathy Altman
Genre: Romance
Rating: Star-5

I loved, loved, loved this book! There’s a feeling of coming home that I get when I read a new book in a favorite small town series. With Staying at Joe’s, I got that feeling within the first few pages, despite the fact that I hadn’t even read the first book in the series (I did go back and read that one and loved it, too! The Other Soldier, Book One in the Castle Creek Series, is an equally good read.). more



Reviewer: Jessie
Book: Taken
Author: Robert Crais
Genre: Mystery/Adventure


This book is in the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series. Cole and Pike are ex-special forces and partners in a private detective firm. Cole is hired by a business woman to find her missing daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend. The daughter and her boyfriend have been kidnapped by bajadores, who are some very bad people. The bajadores wait for coyotes to bring a group of illegal immigrants to a location, ambush them, then hold everyone for ransom. more



Reviewer: Lori
Book: Their Virgin Hostage: Masters of Ménage, Book 5
Author: Shayla Black and Lexi Blake
Genre: Erotic

I started this series by reading the fifth, but I’ll be back tracking to read the others. Let me start this review by saying I don’t re-read books. In most cases, I read them once and that’s it. In extremely rare instances, I go back and read some books over. I’ve already read this one twice. I expect to read it a lot more.

I never in a million years thought I’d be interested in a ménage with two men, much less three. Sure, another woman appealed to me, but never more than one man. Oh. My. God. How wrong I was. If I wasn’t happily married, I might be out looking for my very own Law, Dominic, and Riley. Hell, who am I kidding? I would be. more




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